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Who is LaRoyce Hawkins wife?

LaRoyce Hawkins’ Personal Life: Romance, Fatherhood, Speculations

“Is the romantic life of ‘Chicago P.D.’s Kevin Atwater reflected in the real-life relationship status of actor LaRoyce Hawkins?

Who is LaRoyce Hawkins wife

LaRoyce Hawkins is a multifaceted artist, excelling in acting, stand-up comedy, spoken word, and music. Despite not actively seeking the limelight, his undeniable talents keep him constantly engaged in various projects. While fans eagerly follow his career, they are equally curious about his personal life, especially regarding romantic entanglements when he’s not portraying a cop on screen.

Although much is public knowledge about the 32-year-old’s educational background, career achievements, and philanthropic endeavors, he remains discreet about his romantic affairs. However, snippets gleaned from online sources have fueled speculation that Hawkins might have a wife. Yet, the truth behind these rumors remains elusive. Is the beloved ‘One Chicago’ star truly immersed in a committed relationship, or are these whispers merely unfounded gossip?”

Additionally, you can add more information about Hawkins’ career achievements, philanthropy work, and any public appearances or statements he’s made about his personal life, if available.

LaRoyce Hawkins dating Lisseth Chavez?


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Speculation swirled around the alleged romantic involvement between Hawkins and his co-star Lisseth Chavez from “Chicago P.D.” Chavez portrays Vanessa Rojas, the romantic interest of Hawkins’ character, Kevin. Fans coined the affectionate term “RoWater” for the on-screen pair, a nod to their characters’ connection, a term that has persisted since the inception of the series.

Despite their convincing on-screen chemistry, any whispers of an off-screen romance between Hawkins and Chavez remain unverified. Concrete evidence supporting such claims is scarce, with the closest thing being an Instagram post by Chavez on Hawkins’ birthday. This lone instance, however, hardly serves as substantial proof to substantiate the speculation.

While the notion of a real-life romance between the two actors may capture the imaginations of fans, it appears to be little more than wishful thinking. Until either party confirms the relationship or more substantial evidence surfaces, it seems this particular rumor can be safely relegated to the realm of fiction.

Fatherhood & an unconfirmed relationship

Who is LaRoyce Hawkins wife

Hawkins, known for his discretion regarding his personal life, has a son named Roman John Hawkins, affectionately referred to as Ro, whose presence he proudly showcases on his social media platforms. This public display has led to speculation about his relationship with BT Anderson, an esthetician.

The actor’s journey into fatherhood took an unexpected turn during filming when he received news of his child’s birth. Fellow actors joined him in a visit to Rockford Hospital to meet his newborn son. Despite embracing fatherhood, Hawkins has opted to keep the identity of his child’s mother private. However, amidst today’s online detective work, many speculate that BT Anderson might be Ro’s mother and Hawkins’ current partner.

BT Anderson marked Ro’s second birthday in 2019 with a touching Instagram post, expressing gratitude for the birthday wishes and including the hashtag “HeGetsThatFromHisDaddy.” While there’s no official confirmation of Anderson being the child’s mother, her social media posts about Ro and supportive comments on Hawkins’ work hint at a significant role in their lives, potentially as his current girlfriend.

Despite maintaining secrecy about their relationship, Hawkins embraces fatherhood wholeheartedly. He envisions his son surpassing him and becoming an even better version of himself. This sentiment was shared in an emotional Instagram post on August 12, 2019, reflecting his deep pride in his role as a father and his aspirations for Ro’s future.

Quick Summary

  1. LaRoyce Hawkins’ Personal Life Speculation: The article explores the mystery surrounding LaRoyce Hawkins’ romantic life, despite his fame as a versatile artist and his role as Kevin Atwater on “Chicago P.D.” Fans are intrigued by his relationship status, especially given his discretion about private matters. Speculations about his rumored wife remain unverified, leaving fans curious about his real-life romantic entanglements.
  2. Fatherhood and Relationship Rumors: Hawkins’ journey into fatherhood adds another layer of intrigue, as he proudly shares glimpses of his son, Roman John Hawkins (Ro), on social media. Speculation arises regarding his relationship with BT Anderson, with hints suggesting her possible role as Ro’s mother and Hawkins’ current partner. Despite maintaining secrecy, Anderson’s public posts about Ro and Hawkins indicate a significant presence in their lives, while Hawkins openly embraces the joys of fatherhood and expresses hopes for Ro’s future.

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